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  • Global Mariner Plan - is a unique plan in the international benefit industry as it is a nearly guaranteed issue plan provided the client meets the underwriting gatekeeper questions on the application. Because of its super fast issue, our clients who have a need for immediate longer term coverage, don't enjoy an optimal medical history or simply don't wish to be bothered with dedicating the time necessary for completion of a detailed medical questionnaire are terrific prospects for the Global Mariner. The first step is for ARS to determine whether the client will qualify medically for this robust comprehensive benefit plan.

    Please allow time to complete the application, however you do have the option to save the application and return to it and complete it at a later time if necessary. Be sure to record the application number provided to log back into your application.

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    • U.S. Citizens: If you or any family member applying for coverage is located in the U.S. on the date of this application, the effective date of this insurance, if issued, will be the later of: (i) The effective date requested on the application; or (ii) The date the insured person departs the U.S.; or (iii) The date the application is accepted by Azimuth and an Evidence of Insurance issued.
    •  Non-U.S. Citizens: If you or any family member applying for coverage is located in the U.S. on the date of this application and do not plan to depart the U.S., an affidavit of eligibility must be completed. Your insurance agent/broker can assist you with this form and its completion. A new affidavit of eligi­bility will be required at each renewal.